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It all began in the year 1993, when a team of seven members from a public sector office decided to jointly buy an acre of land and divide it as per th...eir personal requirements. This task was single-handedly managed by one among them which earned great appreciation from his fellow members.This incident was an inspiration to this man who could sense the vista of business opening before him. With a child’s inquisitiveness and the burning desire of a young entrepreneur, he decided to make a contribution in his own simple way; To bring about a change to an economic sector which until then, was looked upon as excessively competitive and accessible only to the elite.He had an intuition: His vision was simple. Brand names aren’t copied, they are created.You never lose money if it is wisely invested on land’. This is the core concept that is portrayed in the Nobel prize winning novel ‘Good Earth’ and it is from here that we have adopted the name of our brand of business. He could convey this message to his customers which has gained our company a clientele which currently stands at 1200 happy people.They trust the concept Goodearth and we are thankful for the good faith they have shown.The attempt has been to create vibrant communities which make one feel psychologically and socially secure, and retain one’s individuality. Our communities are a result of years of interacting with people who will inhabit them and our experiences with details, materials and techniques that we have tried. While we persist in promoting certain ideas about how people should engage in the community, through the design of the spaces and the aesthetics, in others, we have adapted to the needs of the modern family trying to achieve a balance between traditional values and contemporary ideas.

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Good Earth Medley

Kengeri, Bangalore

On Request

  • 3 BHK
    Bed Rooms
  • On Request
    Price Starts From
  • Villa
    Property Type
  • Mar 2022

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