Happy Valley Developers

An estate named "Happy Valley" was bought by the Baldota family way back in 1944 from Lady Carmen Muruel Dorothy Field wife of Lieutenant Colonel Sir Donald Field then the Chief Minister of the Jodhpur State under the British Rule before India's independence. The title and possession of this land has been vested in the same family for the last 60 years.

 With this immaculate title and glorious past, the Commissioner of BDA has approved the said lands vide BDA/TPM/PL 10 - 1914/2003-04 on 29th Oct. "Happy Valley" a residential layout conceptualised and developed by the Baldota family in association with M/s. Laxman Engineers. Mr. Laxman, a well known engineer and developer has many layouts to his credit in various parts of Bangalore. Some of the layouts developed by him are BDA Banashankari 6th stage, M.S. Ramaiah North City, Jayanagar Housing Society and many more. Also the Baldota family has given 100 acres of land, adjacent to Happy Valley to Bharath Housing Co-op. Society Ltd., which has formed a fully functional residential layout with all amenities again by M/s.Laxman Engineers.

 Baldota family consists of a group of renowned entrepreneurs involved in various activities as builders, promoters, developers, construction, dealers in white goods, petroleum, industrialists, and software development, in places like Bangalore, Pune, Coimbatore and Rajasthan. As an environmental initiative we generate "Green Power" through three wind power plants situated in Karnataka and A.P. The power generated through these windmills is sold to the respective State Electricity Boards.