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  • Birla TrimayaLand Area
    50 Acres
  • Birla TrimayaPossession Date
    December 11, 2027
  • Birla TrimayaTypology
  • Birla TrimayaResidential Type
  • Birla TrimayaDimensions
    489 - 1,156 Sqft
  • Birla TrimayaTotal Units
  • Birla TrimayaStarting Price
  • Birla TrimayaUnit Typology
    1, 2 & 3 BHK

Interesting Facts About Birla Trimaya

**Birla Trimaya: Unveiling Bangalore's Highly Anticipated Pre-Launch Enclave**


India, known for its illustrious cultural heritage and diverse architectural wonders, has borne witness to an unprecedented surge in contemporary real estate developments, reflecting the nation's relentless progress and soaring aspirations. Amidst these modern marvels, Birla Trimaya stands forth as an architectural gem that artfully amalgamates aesthetics, technology, and eco-conscious practices. A creation of the eminent Birla Estates, this prestigious project spreads across a sprawling 50 acres in the tranquil expanse of Shettigere, poised just before the Bangalore International Airport toll. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 2500 opulent apartments, villas, and duplex homes, Birla Trimaya has become the much-coveted pre-launch project in Bangalore, destined to provide its esteemed residents with an immersive and all-encompassing living experience.

**Location and Connectivity: A Nexus of Convenience**

Birla Trimaya's strategic location emerges as a cornerstone of its magnificence. Nestled in the serene environs of Shettigere, the project enjoys seamless connectivity to major precincts of Bangalore, rendering it an oasis of convenience for the urban workforce frequenting the bustling IT corridors and thriving business hubs. Proximity to the Bangalore International Airport bestows the residents with unrivaled accessibility for those traversing the aerial paths.

A pinnacle of connectivity is manifested through the seamless accessibility offered by Bellary Road, an arterial thoroughfare bridging Bangalore to the illustrious city of Hyderabad. The imminent Metro connectivity promises to further fortify the ease of commutation, beckoning a prosperous future for the astute inhabitants of Birla Trimaya. Consequently, the distinguished location of this abode renders it an unparalleled address of preference, acclaimed by those seeking superlative connectivity and unfettered accessibility.

**A 50-acre Haven of Extravagance: A Tapestry of Diversity**

Birla Trimaya unfolds across an expanse of 50 acres, where a harmonious coalescence of nature and manmade ingenuity engenders a self-contained paradise. The development caters to diverse sensibilities and preferences, unfurling an impressive array of housing options including opulent apartments, stately villas, and resplendent duplex homes. This multifaceted assortment ensures that each esteemed resident unearths their dream home, tailor-made to their unique aspirations and discerning lifestyle.

**Elegant Apartments: A Symphony of Modernity**

The apartments at Birla Trimaya personify an epitome of contemporary elegance and pragmatic design. Effused with meticulous attention to the minutest detail, these living spaces exemplify modern architectural finesse, ushering in a seamless fusion of aesthetic grandeur and utilitarian convenience. Graced with voluminous interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, the apartments bear testimony to the abode's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency and a diminution of the carbon footprint, embodying the very essence of ecological mindfulness.

**Luxurious Villas: An Extravaganza of Grandeur**

Birla Trimaya's villas serve as an ethereal testament to grandiosity and privacy, offering residents an oasis of opulence in the lap of sumptuousness. Blessed with sprawling layouts, picturesque landscaped gardens, and customizable spaces, these exclusive homes redefine the essence of upscale living, promising unparalleled magnificence and seclusion.

**Elegant Duplex Homes: The Pinnacle of Stylish Living**

The duplex homes at Birla Trimaya present a harmonious amalgamation of style and innovation, setting the stage for a unique and stylish living experience. Crafted across two levels of meticulously planned living spaces, these homes embody the essence of harmonious togetherness and personal space, making them an alluring prospect for those seeking a symphony of modernity and tradition.

**Amenities that Elevate Living Standards: A Utopian Canvas of Leisure**

Birla Trimaya strives to create a self-sustaining microcosm, wherein the residents revel in an all-inclusive and enriching lifestyle. The grandiose project regales its esteemed inhabitants with a plenitude of world-class amenities that cater to their multifaceted needs and aspirations.

**Clubhouse and Recreational Zones: A Sanctuary of Leisure**

The project features an expansive clubhouse, meticulously equipped with avant-garde facilities including a fully-furnished gymnasium, an alluring swimming pool, and state-of-the-art indoor sports arenas. Inherently designed to foster an ethos of vitality and well-being, these recreational arenas bind the community in the spirit of shared camaraderie and cherished memories.

**Bountiful Green Spaces: An Ode to Nature's Symphony**

Birla Trimaya reveres the essence of nature in an urban milieu, imbibing the soul of verdant landscapes and lush parks. The finely crafted green spaces, adorned with native flora, imbue the precinct with a meditative aura, offering a serene sanctum for residents to relish moments of tranquil repose or revel in the company of their loved ones.

**Vibrant Children's Play Areas and In-campus Schools: A Vision for the Future**

Cognizant of the needs of families, Birla Trimaya allocates dedicated play areas for children, fostering a safe and joyous space for the young ones to frolic and grow. The project envisions in-campus schools, bestowing the residents with ease and assurance of quality education for their progeny.

**Sports Facilities: An Ode to Sporting Prowess**

In an effort to promote sporting spirit and endorse an active lifestyle, Birla Trimaya embraces a plenitude of sports facilities, encompassing badminton and tennis courts, elevating the spirits of sports enthusiasts and nurturing latent talent.

**Retail and Commercial Spaces: A Bustling Center of Convenience**

Birla Trimaya prides itself on the provision of retail and commercial spaces, rendering the locale a self-contained haven for the residents. The strategic incorporation of essential services, boutique retail outlets, and quaint cafes within the project's precincts enriches the living experience by obliterating the need for extensive forays beyond the development's confines.

**Sustainability and Environment-Friendly Practices: A Reverence for Mother Earth**

Central to the ethos of Birla Trimaya lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The project embraces the tenets of green building principles, incorporating renewable energy sources, deploying rainwater harvesting systems, and fostering cutting-edge waste management practices. The amalgamation of these eco-conscious measures not only preserves the sanctity of the environment but also renders a healthier and more energy-efficient living domain for the discerning residents.

**A Visionary Project by Birla Estates: A Heritage of Trust**

The brilliance of Birla Trimaya can be credited to its visionary developer, Birla Estates - the real estate arm of the prestigious Aditya Birla Group. Celebrated for its century-long legacy of trust, integrity, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the Birla Group continues to script stories of excellence and innovation. Birla Estates ardently upholds this hallowed legacy, fostering unparalleled trust amongst the stakeholders, and ascertaining that Birla Trimaya will manifest as a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and discerning finesse.

**The Pre-Launch Buzz: An Euphoria of Anticipation**

The announcement of Birla Trimaya as a pre-launch project has ignited an effervescent buzz within Bangalore's dynamic real estate landscape. Eagerly anticipated by aspiring homeowners and astute investors alike, the project's allure lies in its premium offerings, strategic location, and association with the prestigious Birla Estates.

The very prospect of owning a residence within this avant-garde development has prompted an influx of inquiries and registrations, underscoring the discerning preferences of the city's denizens. The aura of exclusivity and distinction, combined with the promise of unparalleled living standards, has made Birla Trimaya an emblem of aspiration and desirability.

**Conclusion: A Masterpiece in Urban Living**

In conclusion, Birla Trimaya transcends the realm of mere real estate projects, assuming the persona of an all-encompassing lifestyle sanctuary. Nestled within the tranquility of Shettigere, this iconic development weaves together the tapestry of modernity, sustainability, and community living, poised to redefine urban living paradigms in Bangalore.

The vast expanse of 50 acres serves as a canvas for a self-sustained haven, embracing the ideals of sustainability and environmental consciousness. The diverse array of housing options, ranging from elegant apartments to opulent villas and sophisticated duplex homes, cater to the diverse sensibilities of prospective residents, ensuring a perfect match for every individual's discerning preferences.

The world-class amenities, coupled with the meticulous attention to design and quality, add to the allure of Birla Trimaya, fostering a seamless integration of work, play, and leisure. The project's dedication to nurturing a close-knit community amplifies the sense of belonging and fosters cherished connections amidst urban living's bustling landscape.

With Birla Estates' legacy of trust, innovation, and customer-centricity, Birla Trimaya exemplifies excellence in every facet. As Bangalore continues to evolve into a burgeoning metropolis, Birla Trimaya emerges as an emblem of urban living's resplendent future - an oasis where aspiration meets reality, and dreams find their abode.

In the grand tapestry of modern urban living, Birla Trimaya shines as a masterpiece, gracefully capturing the essence of progress, luxury, and harmony with the environment. As the sun rises on this visionary project, it sets a precedent for future developments to emulate - a testament to the unwavering spirit of ingenuity and a beacon illuminating the path toward an elevated and enlightened way of life.

In the heart of Bangalore, the grandeur of Birla Trimaya awaits, inviting you to embrace a realm of opulence, elegance, and sustainable living. Envision a life beyond compare, where aspirations take flight and dreams are nurtured amidst an oasis of luxury and tranquility. Welcome to Birla Trimaya - a symphony of modernity, a celebration of sustainability, and a testament to the art of fine living.


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  • Construction Status:pre launch
  • Elevation:on request
  • Location:Shettigere
  • City:bangalore
  • State:karnataka
  • RERA:ACK/KA/RERA/1250/303/PR/040723/007253

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5MG4+FQ, Doddajala, Doddajala Amanikere, Karnataka 562157

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    • 24/7 Security
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    • Basketball Court
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    • CCTV Camera
      CCTV Camera
    • Community Garden
      Community Garden
    • Gym
    • Indoor Games
      Indoor Games
    • Jogging Track
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    • Library
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      Maintenance Staff
    • Outdoor Sports Facilities
      Outdoor Sports Facilities
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      Party Hall
    • Power Backup
      Power Backup
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      Sewage Treatment
    • Surface Car Park
      Surface Car Park
    • Swimming Pool
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