Affordable Housing in Bangalore!

Affordable Housing in Bangalore!
Updated At: 2024-02-11 09:27

Affordable Housing in Bangalore is of utmost importance to the Builders in the coming days as there are numerous migrants from different states coming down to the city for making their living. This is creating a lot of demand for affordable housing in the real estate sector.


All the Tier-A builders in the market these days themselves are focused on building top-notch houses that even the middle-class people can consider purchasing! Although, it isn’t an easy task to give all the luxury features in a budgeted condo... The builders have taken it upon themselves as a challenge to accomplish it! 


There are new people coming into Bangalore every day and after working for just a year look forward to buying an apartment for their own safe haven. These days everybody who once had a good cash savings prefers to go ahead and make an investment in the real estate field. Now, this is becoming possible even for the Middle-class families whose incomes are extremely reasonable. 


Let’s consider an example... Mr. Arnab has an income of 60,000/- a month and lives with his parents and wife and also a Kid. He has been working for about 6 years now and has never made an investment in Real estate before... But is thinking about it now as he has a good cash savings and has to give a safe and secure environment to his family! So, having a budget of 60 lacs starts his hunt for buying a house! He finally comes across a property called Brigade El dorado. Where... A 3BHK costs him about 45 lacs that is without calculating the registration costs and 5%GST! He then approaches them and finds out he is eligible for another deduction of 2.67 lacs under the PMAY scheme. Keeping in mind that the Brigade El Dorado is a magnificent project that has ALL Top-Notch facilities you can think of! For him getting a house that gives you all of this at a mere 42 lacs is like a dream come true! These Big projects have helped individuals actually get out their money’s worth! 


Previously, in the market... At this rate you had the option of buying a property only with local builders! Also, there are only a limited amount of local builders who actually give quality apartments the rest of them are just mainly PROFIT ORIENTED. 


A few apartments that even the folks from the middle class can purchase are: 

1.     SHRIRAM 107 at 28 lacs*

2.     Godrej 24 at 37 lacs*

3.     Assetz Here and Now at 34 lacs*

4.     Orchid Piccadilly at 52 lacs*

5.     SHRIRAM Dil chahta hai dobara at 24 lacs*. 

There are many other properties as well that offer a brilliant price with unreal amenities with an apartment that is worth going through! As we know, millennials are the new face of Indian realty. Quality houses that are sensibly priced, have over the years gained prominence amongst them. This is up to the extent that the generation is looking forward to fulfilling their aspirations of purchasing a home sooner than expected. Compact yet quality living is one of the recent trends that is widely accepted by the first-time homebuyers. The demand for affordable residential units, is in turn, driving the growth of this particular segment.

As per an industry report, affordable housing has witnessed a growth of 22 percent in the sales velocity during 2018. Unfortunately, the supply is not at par with the demand existing in this segment. The term ‘affordable’ as a buzzword is not even in line with the Government’s definition of affordable housing. However, the residential markets such as Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata have witnessed an exponential growth, which is only corroborated by a recent report which states that people’s propensity to spend on housing is likely to improve over the next three years across the cities. The Budget announcement towards the affordable housing segment gave a ray of hope to those who were dreaming to own homes post the reduction in GST rates. The escalating demand for chic and affordable housing is expanding and is expected to impact the overall sales in the residential market.

Post the introduction of several regulations, the realty sector has now become more organised and transparent. As a result, the homebuyers have started trusting the players in the market. Affordable segment has successfully garnered attention from the homebuyers and will further drive growth in the residential market. The current governmental reforms with regards to real estate and the initiatives towards providing housing to all will also provide a boost to the realty sector on a large scale.

India has seen a rise in the affordable housing sector, which over the previous 3-4 years has dominated the residential segment. In the past five years, the average size of apartments in most large cities has decreased. Realtors target a large segment of buyers, particularly millennials who prefer affordable homes in well-connected areas over large apartments in distant areas. The millennials inclination towards buying a home is also driven by the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme and due to fewer liabilities on the home buyers. Developers also have been venturing into the segment because of the demand surge and to avail income tax exemption by the government under PMAY scheme.  

Bangalore we all know is the 5th largest city of our country with a population of 9milllion + it is preferred as one of the best-sought places for investment destinations. Popularly known as Silicon Valley the city has witnessed the fastest growing pattern in some years. The crown fetches one more feather of being an IT Hub of India it is a metropolitan city which is experiencing a robust of real estate development and trends. People who are an investor and who want to invest in real estate always want to be updated and keep finding the new developing and current market trends in the areas. Being such a metropolitan city, the job market has also developed tremendously. The city has premier educational institutes, hospitals, shopping malls, and many other infrastructural amenities. If we talk specifically about the realty sector Bangalore is dominated by residential and commercial projects both. The demand for 2BHK, 3BHK, penthouses and villas is high whereas affordable housing which has equipped the market right now has added the value to living. The biggies of real estate are coming up with highly advanced projects which are providing the buyers with more and more options.

roperty prices fluctuate due to a complex interplay of economic, demographic, governmental, and social factors. Understanding these dynamics can help stakeholders make more informed decisions.