Area analysis of all the corners of Bangalore.

Area analysis of all the corners of Bangalore.
Updated At: 2024-02-11 09:27

The area analysis of all the corners of Bangalore is mandatory before moving into the city. As it will give you a bigger picture of what Bangalore really is. Bangalore as well can see has people from all corners of the country coming down for their own personal reasons and a few even choose to settle down. This is a guide for those people who actually choose to stay!

Bengaluru North.

Bengaluru North is the most recent up and coming areas that Bangalore has witnessed as it is that side of Bangalore that has still not been tampered with much! It is a place for people who would love to stay in the nature inside the city limits of the concrete jungle. The Airport is the closest from this are! It takes a maximum of 25-30 minutes to get to the Airport from this side of the city. One of the special Economic Zones (SEZ) in India is coming up in Bangalore North along with a lot of interesting Residential Projects.

 The drawbacks of this area are that there is a shortage of water in that side of the city. Not as much as that, that it could be called an area with completely No Water. The other point is that it is a little far from the heart of the city also it is not yet a completely established area! Parts of that side of the city even have people farming and there are people taking care of their herds. Apart from this it is one of the best areas to Invest in. Localities like Hebbal, Hennur and Thannisandra come under this side of the city!

Bengaluru East. 

This side of the city is very well-developed. Has all amenities that a good locality would have like good shopping malls, classy Hotels and what not. This area has the whole IT Hubs based inside it. This area has all the large companies that are based in Bangalore. Hence, people who come from other places and are working the one of the technology parks inside there prefer living in that side of the city! As there is so much in flow of the corporate crowd there are many people looking out for rented flats in that area. Which suggests that, that is a very good area to invest in for earning a good rental yield.

 Talking about the drawbacks of the area there is A LOT of traffic people face on that side of the city which tells us that there are high levels of Nox in that area which obviously is hazardous to health and more over it is not a place for people who are looking for some good greenery around them.

Bengaluru West.

This is the oldest area in Bangalore. It has a few of the heritage spots of the city in it! Staying on this side of the city will give you the true essence of staying Bangalore. The majority of people who live there have been staying there for quite some time. The real taste of Bangalore in terms of food also can be enjoyed this side of the city! This side of the city is also very well developed as the World Trade Center coming within this jurisdiction. This area also gives you a very good connectivity to all the sides of the city. 

 Every area has their own kind of drawbacks. So, the drawbacks faced by this area are that it is very Expensive to buy a property in this side of the city and also that it isn’t suitable for people working in the Malleshwaram, Rajajinagar and Mysore Road.


Bengaluru South.

This side of the city is a little like Bangalore North the only difference being that it is actually possible find out that Bangalore used to be a hill station by looking at this side of town. The roads go uphill and downhill in many complicated ways! This area is a very calm and serene place. On this side lies the Art of Living Ashram that people from various countries visit. In case anyone is planning on building their own house in a free and open space. This is the place to invest!

  Although, this side of town is not a really great place to invest due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that it is 50 Kms from the airport and with the traffic conditions in Bangalore. 50 Kms is too much to handle! Also, there is not much of the commercial development happening on that side of the city! A few areas on this side of the city are: Bannerghatta, Kannakpura and many others.

Bengaluru Central.

Central Bangalore is one the BEST localities to stay in. As it has everything! This is the center most part of the city because of which the connection to any part of the city is unbelievable! There are places like Brigade Road, Indiranagar and Shanthi Nagar that come under this jurisdiction. This area has one of the best crowds of Bangalore living in it. As there are both residential and commercial requirements of people over here It makes either kind of investment fruitful! The rental yield in this area is just spectacular!

 The only drawback is that it is expensive in a very deadly manner. Not everybody can afford purchasing in this area as even the rent for any property is extremely high and one more thing is that there is very little open space in this locality. It is in the heart of the concrete jungle.    

From luxurious apartments, villas, and plots to affordable housing, Bangalore is home to it all. With an abundance of real estate options available in this city, it might be difficult to select the best investment option. This blog will help you invest in the most preferred residential apartment you can call home. The north, south, east, and west zones are the strong pillars of Bangalore. Over the years, all of the zones have witnessed tremendous infrastructural growth and development. Supported by phenomenal transport routes, malls, parks, educational institutions and many more social amenities, the IT capital of India has turned out to be the perfect destination to invest in the real estate sector. Builders, investors, and home buyers believe and have already experienced whopping returns on their investment

roperty prices fluctuate due to a complex interplay of economic, demographic, governmental, and social factors. Understanding these dynamics can help stakeholders make more informed decisions.