Best Plotted Development | Brigade Oak Tree Place

Best Plotted Development | Brigade Oak Tree Place
Updated At: 2024-02-11 09:27

investment is a wise allocation of finances that you can perennially reap benefits from over the years. With finite resources, the land becomes one of the most valuable investments. Among urban investors, while many would choose to acquire an apartment or buy property in Mysore, investment in a plotted development is wiser. Among the best properties to invest in North Mysore, a stunning new development is Oak Tree Place, a serene plot inspired by nature, and meaningful living, Ikigai.

Let us explore some of the reasons why plotted developments, especially Oak Tree Place, is the best investment option for you:

1. Low capital investment, excellent returns, and faster delivery:

The hallmark of a great investment is low inputs for high returns. Purchasing a plotted development is one of the most lucrative investments there is. For purchasing an apartment, the costs involve building to renovation and even furnishing the house for better returns, whereas the only cost of investment in property is the direct purchase of land, and nothing more. 

When you look to buy an apartment or a villa, the handover time is subjected to uncertainty and delays. The wait-time is a prolonged duration for the completion of not just the plot, but the house and all the related infrastructures as well. In comparison, when you purchase a plot, there is nothing further to wait for than the handover procedure alone. 

The value of a plot is not just assessed by the property alone but the location and potential for resale as well.

2. Lower maintenance costs and property tax:

A house or an apartment building requires your time, energy and monetary inflow in order for your investment to be prepped to move in or sell. Investment in property, however, only requires you to make an initial investment, and not supplement it with anything else. 

With Oak Tree Place, the plotted developments are well-thought-out. The 213 plots are sprawling with blissful greenery and beneficial amenities that are not just well-maintained with electrical, plumbing, and security services, but consciously cared for through soil, energy, and water conservation at its centre.

Moreover, the investor who chooses a plotted development to buy property in Mysore gets all these benefits at lower property tax rates compared to someone who invests inbuilt housing. 

3. Scope for customization:

An empty plot of land is a canvas for possibilities and creative space for personalisation. Not only is it less tedious to leave the plotted development land as is, but it also leaves room for any future buyers to create their own space. The land also gives the buyer the foundation to build their own house with their own idea for the room sizes, structure, design, spacing, and facilities they have envisioned. 

The Oak Tree Place developments have small plots of less than 1000 sqft to large plots that are more than 2000 sqft, interwoven between areas of parks, open spaces, clubhouse, convenient store, and a cricket pitch, which makes this plot a complete facility for every vision of personalised homes. When you buy property in Mysore, you can stay informed on the trends in the real estate market to help you compare and decide your own prices and terms of property investment. 

4. Finite resource yet no competition:

Among other resources, with the growing population, the land is one of the most scarcely available. However, when you make an investment in property, the freedom to modify the property, add or alter facilities, and even set the selling price and the terms for resale is completely in the hands of the owner of the plotted development.

However, a home-owner can only tweak a few aspects of their property such as wall colors or minor renovations to be presented to a potential buyer.

Oak Tree Place, out-competes any other plots in Mysore, by not just providing space for overall wellness, but focusing on purposeful living and community building as well. Each property comes with its own tree so that as you live your life of self-discovery and growth in this Brigade property, you nurture the environment around you to do the same. 

Now that you have an idea of why plotted development is the superior investment to make, take a peek into the meticulously planned property of Oak Tree Place, thriving with nature, urban amenities, and blissful life.

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