Is Electronic City in Bangalore the next Investment Hub ?

Is Electronic City in Bangalore the next Investment Hub ?
Updated At: 2024-02-11 09:27

Yes this is a big news for people who are staying in d around electronic city Bangalore.

Once it was considered the only IT corridor of Bangalore and was the major attraction for any investor in India. Known as the silicon valley of India, Bangalore’s major chunk of revenue source was electronic city. Over a period of time electronic city was the investors choice and with the the other parts of the city grew making electronic city the forgotten silicon valley. Over a period of time other areas in Bangalore grew and developed and investors found their new favourite places and people started moving closer to city which had got everything they needed from the famous restaurants to the city’s favourite shopping destination MG Road.

Now after the Namma Metro announced the plans for Metro until the electronic city. The forgotten silicon valley is back in the news and attracting more investors as the connectivity is no longer an issue and it will reduce the travel time by an average of 38 minutes to the city centre. That’s a wonderful news as the pain of travel will not be an issue any more.

With this development happening in the city. The area has seen a lot of interaction, now electronic city is the favourite destination for people working in hosur industrial area and people working in the IT corridor. Now this is where builder like Brigade Group grabbed the opportunity to come up with affordable apartment project bang on the electronic city hosur highway. Brigade’s Smart city concept is going to change the way electronic city’s future. Brigade Valencia will be a self sufficient Project which will cater to the home requirement of thousands of people who has love for their own electronic city.

Bangalore has grown with an unexpected rate. The people of bangalore has made what bangalore is today. Real estate has shown promising results and returns on investment. The story of bangalore real estate continues and doesn't seems to be stopping any sooner.

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