List of Essential Amenities to Look for in Residential Projects

List of Essential Amenities to Look for in Residential Projects
Updated At: 2024-02-11 09:27

Are you willing to purchase a new residential property in India? If yes, this blog can provide you with valuable insights. In this blog, you will get to know the essential amenities to look for when choosing residential properties


Today, investment in the real estate sector is booming. In the hectic and busy lifestyle of today, people want to get the basic things sorted. That is why they invest in properties that have all amenities for a comfortable life. If you are planning to live in Pune, Joyville Hadapsar, Kumar Picasso, and Rohan Ananta are among the top residential projects. However, before you decide on the property to invest in, make sure they have the essential amenities.


Here is a list of top amenities that the properties must provide.


·        Sufficient Parking Space

Parking space is one of the very first things to consider. When there is a lack of space, parking your vehicle can be a real pain. So, look for residential projects that have ample parking space for the residents and their guests. Adequate open space can ensure a hassle-free parking experience for you.

·        Green Spaces

Post-pandemic, people have realized the importance and benefits of living in greens. So, consider investing in residential projects that have plenty of green spaces all around. Staying close to nature will enable you to breathe fresh air and remain healthy. Living in the greens can also help in calming your stress levels and improving your quality of sleep.

·        Security System

The security of the apartments cannot be overlooked. Look for apartments that have a robust security system in place. The residential project must have security systems such as CCTV cameras. Moreover, it must also have security personnel who safeguards the residents and their valuable assets.

·        Recreation and Sports Facilities

Life can be quite dull and boring without play. To take a break from the hectic lifestyle, engaging in a quick game of badminton or table tennis can be a great option. So, consider investing in residential projects that provide a variety of recreation and sports facilities. The outdoor recreation options may include a cricket pitch, badminton, football, and basketball courts. Some of the indoor game options offered are squash, fuss-ball, or carom. Moreover, certain residential properties also have dedicated reading rooms or libraries for book lovers. 

·        Kid-Friendly Zones

Do you have kids in your family? If yes, make sure the residential property you choose has kid-friendly zones. It includes a swimming pool for kids, a play area, and much more. Such facilities will enable your kids to socialize and stay active. Also, ensure that there are schools in close proximity to the residential property. 



In addition to these amenities, invest in projects that have water supply, power backup, and waste management systems. Whether you want to live in Rohan Ananta or Kumar Picasso, make sure to find out about these amenities. Want to simplify your home buying process?


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